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Getting Teens to be Responsive
to Parental Direction

Specific Steps you can take to get your Teen to be more responsive.

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Using Effective Consequences

Gives parents an arsenal of effective consequences they can use in practically any situation.

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Improving Rapport &
Communications with your Teen

Specific things you can do to improve rapport and communication with your teen.

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Setting Better Boundaries

Home Contracts have been used for years to effectuate change in teens.

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Warning Signs

Recognizing specific warning signs is essential to being an effective parent.

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Teen Drug Use
- 34 Warning Signs -

In addition to the 34 warning signs of drug use, this highly informative booklet provides further analysis of why, when, and how teens are abusing drugs.

Now Just $4.95

We're putting the systems that Intervention Programs have used to help thousands of teens in your hands.

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The "Parent Tools: Video Parenting Course" videos and the "Teen Drug Use: 34 Warning Signs" booklets are both available online upon credit card approval. Access to the tools that you purchase will be emailed to you usually within minutes but no longer than 24 hours.

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